Okuma Spindle Repair

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Okuma offers a wide variety of machines for various applications. This facility has worked extensively on Okuma spindles. The Okuma machine tool has been a very popular machine to repair over recent years and continues to be a top unit for 2015. With vast experience in rebuilding all types of Okuma spindles for a variety of machine tools, Motor City Machine Tool Repair is your expert technician in Okuma. We have rebuilt the following Okuma spindles: 5-axis machine tools, Okuma HMCs, Okuma VMCs, Okuma Turning Centers spindles, grinding machines (rolling element bearings) and Okuma Hydrostatic spindles.

You may be experiencing the following problems with your spindle: bearing contamination, crashed spindle, excessive vibration, lack of lubrication or various other issues. Our vast knowledge in working with Okuma spindles will leave you rest assured of a high quality repair service. Okuma spindles often tend to have lubrication issues, and it is why this facility has the ability to upgrade lubrication systems and customize Okuma Spindles from oil lubrication to grease.

Are you wondering what makes Motor City Machine Tool Repair different?

  • Offers one of the most aggressive lead times in the spindle repair industry.
  • 1 to 3 days for Emergency Repairs.
  • 1 to 2 weeks for Standard Repairs.
  • Known for repairing Mazak Spindles for significantly less than the OEM.
  • One of a few companies that offers a 1-year warranty on repairs.

If you have any questions about your spindle repair needs, call us at 1-888-811-4999, our team of professional experts is here to assist you.

You can email us directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out a free quote form.

Benefits That Matter Most To You

  • Free Quote, Spindle Inspection and Failure Analysis.
  • Re-qualification, rebuilding and/or replacing of components as needed.
  • Precision rebuilding of spindle by an expert technician.
  • Pinpoint accurate balancing and testing of spindle on our four spindle test stands, equipped with variable frequency drives.
  • Vibration analysis report, pull force retention gauging and testing details.
  • 1-year warranty on spindle repair.
  • New Paint Job on applicable spindles.
  • Safe and secure packaging and shipping.
  • Troubleshooting and installation information.
  • Dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction.


Success Stories of Motor City Repairing Okuma Spindles

Model:  4000 Tooling:  Big Plus 40 Max RPM: 10,000


Work Scope

  • The OEM quoted the customer $ 30,000 and a 4-6 week lead time for a new spindle.  We were able to provide them with a rebuilt unit for less than 10,000 K with a two week lead time.  The customer couldn’t have been more pleased with the result and it paid off for us as well.  They sent us two more spindles since, so it was a win win.
  • Tested, Cleaned and baked spindle motor stator.
  • Chrome and grind of ID taper to Big Plus 40 tooling size specifications.
  • Replaced ceramic ball bearings and steel roller bearings.
  • Replaced o-rings.


Final Pilot ID Runout: 0.0001

A partial list of Okuma spindles this facility has rebuilt:

  • Okuma GENOS M Series, GENOS M460-VE, GENOS M560-V
  • Okuma MB-V Series, MB-46V, MB-46VE, MB-56V, MB-66V
  • Okuma MF-V Series, MF-46V
  • Okuma MA-V Series, MA-550V, MA-650V
  • Okuma MILLAC-V Series, MILLAC 44V, MILLAC 561V, MILLAC 761V, MILLAC 852V, MILLAC 1052V
  • Okuma MA-H Series, MA-400H, MA-800H
  • Okuma MA-H-II Series, MA-500HII, MA-600HII
  • Okuma MB-H Series, MB-4000H, MB-5000H, MB-8000H, MB-1000H
  • Okuma MILLAC-H Series, MILLAC 44H, Okuma MILLAC 33TU, Okuma MILLAC 853PF-5X
  • Okuma MILLAC-VH Series, MILLAC 800VH, MILLAC 1000VH
  • Okuma MU-H Series, MU-10000H, Okuma VTT-70
  • Okuma MU-V Series MU-400VII, MU-500VII, MU-6300V
  • Okuma GI Series, GI-10N, GI-20N
  • Okuma GA/GP-T Series, GA/GP-25T, GA/GP-26T
  • Okuma GA/GP-FII Series, GA/GP-34-FII, GA/GP-36-FII, GA/GP-44-FII, GA/GP-47-FII,
  • Okuma GENOS L Series, GENOS L200-EMY, GENOS L250, GENOS L300-M, GENOS L400
  • Okuma LB EX Series, LB2000 EX, LB2500 EX, LB3000 EX, LB4000 EX
  • Okuma LB Series, LB35II, LB45II, Okuma LU EX Series, LU3000 EX
  • Okuma LU Series, LU35, LU45, LU300, LU400
  • Okuma LT EX Series, LT2000 EX, LT3000 EX
  • Okuma MACTURN Series, MACTURN 250, MACTURN 350, MACTURN 550
  • Okuma LOC Series, LOC500, LOC650
  • Okuma 2SP-H Series, 2SP-150H, 2SP-250H, Okuma LH-55
  • Okuma 1SP-V Series, V40R, V60R, V80R, V100R
  • Okuma 2SP-V Series, 2SP-V40, 2SP-V60, 2SP-V80, MILLAC 33T
  • Okuma VTM Series, VTM-5, VTM-100, VTM-200
  • Okuma VTM-YB Series, VTM-80YB, VTM-120YB, VTM-200YB, VTM-1200YB
  • Okuma Cadet, Okuma MX 45, MX 50, MX 60, Okuma MV Series